Meet Ciara & Elle


Central Coast born and raised, Ciara and Elle always had a deeply passionate feeling toward nature and the true capabilities that the natural world has on our personas. In the midst of the covid pandemic in early 2020 the duo created SŚAINT with the intention of producing a clean and gender-neutral range of signature scents.

Meet Ciara & Elle as they take us on a journey of empowerment, sustainability, overcoming hurdles and success. 

The beginning

It all started with a deep passion for nature and the ethereal qualities that could be captured in a scent. Although with 2020 being the year that the world shut down the girls "were apprehensive about starting a business during this midst of Covid, however, it seemed people still liked to smell great during lockdown." 

From here a passion was turned into reality with SŚAINT born in Elle's garage. The girls worked lovingly on crafting a range that captures the true essence and capabilities of the natural earth, inspired by their global travelling days. The two Mums were able to bring a new concept of sustainability and ethics into a new range of parfums. 


After a whirlwind of two years, SŚAINT has been able to expand further than ever expected. In mid-2022 SŚAINT began its journey into Sephora and can proudly say they are stocked in over 120 boutique stores worldwide. 

"We launched out of Elle’s garage but we grew out of that space in three months and moved into a large industrial warehouse with six staff members."

Each gender-neutral, vegan, and cruelty-free bottle is lovingly hand-crafted in SŚAINT's warehouse on the Central Coast, encapsulating the essence of Ciara and Elle's hard work and dedication.

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