About Us

Behind the Scent

Born from a collective and intrinsic appreciation towards the ethereal qualities and emotive capabilities of fragrance, owners Ciara Mahoney and Elle Wallace gave light to SŚAINT.

At its deepest, SŚAINT represents a culminated influence drawn from our natural and far stretching surrounds, from traditional Asian markets, to the depths of middle eastern souks and across the sun-stricken beauty of our Australian outback. Each scent has been carefully curated to offer a unique character of self, an all-encompassing ode to experience, aspirations and olfactory memories. Evolved, expressed freely and evolved once more to offer an atmospheric and deeply unexpected experience.

This carefully considered approach will awaken your emotive responses, encourage introspective reflection and pay homage to the aspirational qualities we each uphold.
An Ode To The Natural World

The Process Of SŚAINT

Through a deep love for the planet, a rooted connection to nature and an understanding of the importance of sustainability, SŚAINT was born. With a worldly market of over-saturation in products, we wanted to be different, break the mould and bring to light a brand that could effectively and intrinsically align to the core principles of sustainability, inclusivity and locality.

Our process began with local sourcing of scent manufacturing, inspired by our worldly travels. In a 12-month process, we found and curated with leading experts four scents that embodied our core values and passions. We crafted a range of gender-neutral scents that would allow the opportunity to be inclusive to everyone.

Next, was the process of branding, packaging and distributing. Keeping our locality principal alive we worked with a local graphic designer and built the vision of SŚAINT to life. Distribution started in Elle's garage on the Central Coast and quickly moved to a warehouse with six staff. We continue to grow and nurture our female-founded and run brand to bring to light our deep and utter appreciation of fragrance's ethereal qualities and emotive capabilities.

This is SŚAINT.