Meet Tegan Natoli

Meet Tegan Natoli

Tell us about yourself in three words

Animated, creative & optimistic.


What or who has been your greatest influence in business and why?

My greatest influence in business has actually been my past mistakes. I have learnt so much from them and the lessons learnt from bad decisions or “failings” have actually been the biggest and best influences for growing as a business woman and improving the way I think and operate a business.


Who are some of your female role models?

Definitely my business partners. Kerry who is my co-owner of Bump Day Spa and Leigh who I founded Brillo Beauty with. They are both so opposite to me in so many ways but both partnerships are a great balance. They are so hard working and also juggling motherhood. 

What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

1 have two! Expanding Bump Day Spa nationally to Brisbane (our 3rd location) was a real highlight for us… and the response has been incredible. To know the business and service we created nearly 7 years ago is still nurturing and supporting woman is so rewarding. And my second is going from a background in a service/bricks & mortar type business to then launching an e-commerce brand was a huge accomplishment. It is an entirely different world, taking a huge amount of research to learn and navigate the foundations for Brillo Beauty and for it to be received so well has been amazing.

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass onto our readers?

I remember when I was younger and I had a business that wasn’t panning out as well as I had hoped and I was feeling down about it and my brother said that most successful business owners have had business ‘failures’. And that advice is what taught me to actually never see business failures as failures… more as lessons. You learn what NOT to do next time and that lesson is priceless!

How do you envision the future of women-led businesses for the next generation to come?

I love that there are so many woman out there bringing their business dreams to life and hopefully our future female generations will know that it is so possible. Seeing female’s dominating in their industry is so inspiring and I think the more boss woman we have out there… the more encouraged our future generations will feel!


What do you want to achieve next?

Brillo Beauty is still in it’s infancy, nearly 12 months old. But we are looking forward to growing, expanding the range, introducing new products and focusing on expanding globally. Lot’s to learn and we are still a very intimate team but we are all so passionate and love watching our brand grow!