Meet Felicity Evans

Meet Felicity Evans

Meet Felicity Evans mother to daughters, lifestyle lover and Founder & CEO of I M B I B E®️. IMBIBE started 10 years ago in Felicity's kitchen with one daughter strapped to her chest and another running around at her heels. During this time she was suffering from intensive digestive issues which later became an autoimmune diagnosis, affecting all areas of her health - her fertility between children, stress, anxiety and fatigue.

From there her brand came to life through research she found that needed to first fix her gut health. So it began to start in her kitchen making her own multi-strain probiotic drinks, to where IMBIBE is today.

We speak with Felicity about her own journeys and inspiration as a woman in business and her Byron Bay lifestyle, and how as a leader in the health and wellness space she is committed to revolutionising the female health & wellness journey.

Tell us about yourself in three words...

Mother | Lover | Health-Obsessed

Name three females that inspire you.

Gloria Steinham - Political activist

Gwenyth Paltrow - Re-invented herself, changed careers in a saturated space and keeps sharing authentically 

Cate Blanchett - redefining what a Mother, Wife, Activist, Artist and Creative can be, whilst ageing with so much strength and power

What inspires you to work within a women-led space?

At IMBIBE we are all about embracing feminine energy. I firmly believe that behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back (which is true here at IMBIBE). I also strive to pay it forward by empowering the amazing women who work with me, and by encouraging them to embrace opportunities and possibilities beyond the limits of their imagination.   To feel the support and collaboration that other women bring is so energising. 

How do you envision the future of women-led businesses for the next generation to come?

I have 3 daughters, so I place planting the seed for them to feel brave enough to face their fears, at the forefront of my business because there is nothing more important than lifting each other up to thrive for success (however you find success in your life).

What sparks passion in life for you?

My passion lies firstly with my family, my 3 beautiful daughters and my powerhouse husband. My business was created through my own experiences with an autoimmune condition and my search for a solution to this. We all know that gut health is the cornerstone of health, wellness, radiant skin and easy digestion, so I take it very seriously and my fire is fuelled by this. Ultimately I’m incredibly passionate about feeling vital and strong and well every day and every product decision I make is driven by this.