Meet Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald

Meet Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald

Passionate about wellness and daily movement, Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald aims to redefine balance and reject the noise of hustle culture. A healthy body and mind are essential for productive work, and daily rituals are the key to success in business and life.

As the founder of LAND Essentials, a lifestyle brand providing ritual essentials for travellers, ensuring their health routines and daily rituals continue even on the go. She is also currently the Head Trainer at ROAM Pilates, which promotes movement without location or level restrictions, aligning with the principles of LAND Essentials. With a background in innovation and data-driven solutions for fashion and lifestyle brands, She has played key roles in their tremendous growth both domestically and internationally.

We sat down with Jaimi-Lee to understand what inspires her in life and how she has crafted Land Essentials with its conceptualising the idea for LAND during a time in her life when she was travelling regularly for work, Jaimi-Lee created the brand to fill a genuine need in her life.

Tell us about yourself in three words...

Determined | Open-Minded | Empathetic 

Name three females that inspire you.

Elizabeth & Isabella of Spell, I used to work for them when they had just started out & they are incredible businesswomen and leaders ~ never straying from their vision, championing sustainability and doing business from the heart. 
My incredible friends, who rise above the challenges in their life and continue to live it with complete grace. 
Anna Lahey, founder of Vida Glow, mother, and an incredible businesswoman. 

What inspires you to work within a women-led space?

The possibilities! As women, we are capable of anything we dream of, and it’s exciting to be working at a time when women aren’t afraid to take a risk. It’s knowing what is possible in business and life that inspires me to keep pushing, even through the tougher times.

How do you envision the future of women-led businesses for the next generation to come?

Women in business will continue to see international success, setting the tone for the next generation to continue to push boundaries and follow their dreams. Women-led businesses will continue to support other women, making it easier for mothers to return to the workforce, and it’ll give younger women the chance to enter the workforce with confidence and with a support network. The future of business will hero-balance women, giving them the opportunity to be mothers, friends, lovers, and managers while still feeling good and having time for themselves ~ the future is less rigid for women. 

What sparks passion in life for you?

Stripping life back to the simple things; a walk in nature, a swim in the ocean, a wine with friends, camping ~ these little moments, always.