Meet Jamee Parker (A-BEAUTY)

Meet Jamee Parker (A-BEAUTY)

A-Beauty (Australian beauty trend) favours natural beauty in every sense of the word, and is female-founded and run. The brand embodies pure and natural elements encouraging embracing the best version of ourself.

We speak with Jamee Parker, Creative Director of A-Beauty, who is committed to celebrating and supporting the diverse Australian beauty industry by providing expert and curated collections of premium Australian beauty brands and products. She also discusses with us her inspirations, tips and tricks and how she envisions the future of the beauty industry as led by women.

Tell us about yourself in three words...

Organised. Fun-loving. Minimalist. 

Name three females that inspire you.

My late mother and Founder of Alpha-H, Michelle Doherty and my two beautiful sisters. They are the most devoted mothers, daughters and wives and I am constantly in awe of them. But in saying that, we did have a remarkable mother who served as our inspiration.

What inspires you to work within a women-led space?

Beauty is in my blood, I have worked in this industry my entire life, so I suppose given the makeup (pun intended) of the products we sell, develop and use, it tends to be more female focused.

How do you envision the future of women-led businesses for the next generation to come?

I think the beauty industry is constantly evolving for females and one of the good things to come out of COVID was that businesses needed to be flexible with staff working from home and juggling children. It has made it more acceptable for women to be able to work from home and juggle family at the same time, if need be.

In my opinion, we need to make it easier for mums to re-enter the workforce and not feel guilty for scaling back on the work front to care for their young children. Communication, flexibility, and a little empathy is key.

What sparks passion in life for you?

My daughters are what sparks my passion for life. I want to show them the world and I want them to know that the sky is the limit. Anything is possible. They are the reason I get out of bed every day. And I want them to know that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.