Meet Laura Lucas

Meet Laura Lucas

Meet Laura Lucas a mother, pilates instructor, wine enthusiast (check her IG bio) and Director of BUMP Central Coast. After having a baby, relocating her family and growing a business all happened in a short span of time, Laura has shown her true grit and determination to make a dream come to reality.

We speak with Laura about her own journeys and inspiration as a woman in business and her Central Coast located Bump Club, and how as a leader in the health and fitness space she is committed to revolutionising the female fitness journey before conception and well into motherhood.

Tell us about yourself in three words...

Family | Movement | Authenticity

Name three females that inspire you.

My mother.

And all of the other women out there doing their best.

The woman who loves unconditionally from her first heartbeat to her last breath. Who never has a day off.

The woman who puts her family, and others before herself and the one you can always count on above anyone else.

 Always humble, always loving, always supportive.

What inspires you to work within a women-led space?

We live in a high-speed world where as women and mothers, we often put the needs of ourselves last. Being able to provide a safe and non-judgmental community where mothers, and all women alike, can feel safe to move their bodies (and be able to bring their children along at the same time) for some much-needed guilt-free “me” time is my whole WHY! It’s empowering to be able to provide a support to mothers that was so needed (and lacking).

How do you envision the future of women-led businesses for the next generation to come?

I envision innovative practices led by both men and women alike, breaking down the stereotypical workplace hierarchy of gender. I see logistical choices made, with an empathetic foundation and more flexibility for mothers. The wheels of change are already in motion and I am excited to see how our children continue to shape the future of women in business.

What sparks passion in life for you?

My beautiful family & being surrounded by genuine souls who make my heart happy.